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To Pierce or Not to Pierce...

You've seen it everywhere , ears full of bling....sparkly hoops and studs crawling all the way up the ear, But is it smart to pierce every single hole? I mean will you regret it? Is it really necessary to put yourself through another piercing? The answer might be " Not really."

There are so many different types of ear jewelry now a days, that I wanted to show you a way to rock the sparkly ear trend without all those extra holes! Ok, maybe one or 2 extra ones. Let me rewind by saying I had been wanting a second piercing for a long time, but I really didn't want to go spend too much money on getting it done, so I came across the self-piercing Studex system. It's super easy to use, and turns out it's what they use at the mall to pierce ears.

Anyway, long story short, I did it and I immediately knew I wanted to pierce a 3rd hole. I will link the system I used below. even though I had 3 piercings I have been loving the full ear trend so here's a good way to fake having lots of piercings.

Here's what I did:

Let's start from the top, The upper Ear Clip...This guy just clips on to the top of your ear, no pierce necessary and they have different ones with stones too. next one down the Ear cuff, there are tons of varieties, this particular one allows you to open up so it can cuff on to the mid part of your ear, again no holes necessary. the little gold ball stud came with the Studex self-piercing kit, so this is a piercing that I did myself, they also come in silver. the single pearl stud is a single stud earring that I added to my second piercing. Lastly, I think this next guy makes a huge difference in how full the ear looks, it's called a floating or Jacket earring.... because the back of the bird stud has these tiny pearls hanging down and they float under your ear.

As you can see, it's really easy to make it look like you have way more piercings than you actually do, by adapting these easy trick earrings, I have linked them all below for you, I really love the look and I love that it's relatively pain free even more! Thanks for catching my post! Let me know your thoughts or tips in the comments below!

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