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Springtime at Forum

Calling all Shopaholics, I have the 411 on the latest when it comes to the Forum shops inside of Caesars this Spring. First off, If you've never visited the Forum Shops, it's a must! They feel like Italia inside.....a real must see, especially if you've never been!

Anyway, Below are some of the awesome retailers we were able to visit and learn more about, from the most luxurious travel Bags to Sushi with a view, The Forum shops has it all! Take in all the beautiful pictures and fun facts about these brands we learned about! *****PS If you leave a comment below, it can be about shopping or will be entered into my current giveaway from my last post....Picking my winner 5/10/2019!

First Stop, Rimowa...Literally, the most fabulous of Travel Brands. Their luggage has been around since 1898 and has evolved throughout the years, to what is now mostly known for their aluminum and Poly-carbonate luggage pieces. Super sleek and durable design, that comes with a 5-yr warranty and impeccable customer service. They have the best story about a pilot that bought a piece of Rimowa luggage that literally went through a war and survived a plane crash....It was my favorite! We were able to design a piece with their signature customizeable stickers, Funny enough...I started this tradition myself a long time ago, with collecting stickers from the places I traveled. I look forward to splurging here someday!

Let's Go to the next Stop inside out Forum Shops tour, We made our way to Club Monaco.

Club Monaco creates modern yet timeless clothing and accessories for women and men. They have a nutral, resort wear vibe that is just effortless with a luxe feel. We all got the most amazing gift of a full outfit of our choice, I opted for the most beautiful set of pleated wide leg pants and an accordion top,

Are you Curious to see what I picked? Click HERE to see what I chose and how I styled it.

Moving on to the next Spot, Robert Graham. Robert Graham is all about eye-catching mixed fabrics, one-of-a-kind trims and stunning embroideries. They originally started as a Men's line, and eventually evolved into a men's and women's Brand. They carry really unique and eclectic pieces.

Our last Retail Spot was Rayban, I'm sure you're familiar with this Brand, Notorious for glasses, They carry Sunglasses and eyeglasses and soon enough you will be able to take in your prescription and get almost any frame inside the store, converted into prescription specks! We had a blast trying on different frames and testing out the limited edition collections!

Our Last and final stop was for lunch inside the Forum shops at Sushi Roku

Funnest part? Learning how to make sushi....and eating of course! Everything was so delish, here's a few of my favorite dishes:

The seared salmon & Yellowtail diced Chiles ( pictured below), Brussel sprout chips, and the avocado "Hanabi" You must try this place if you haven't already, everything they served was so delicious!

Huge Thanks to Maureen and the entire team at The Forum Shops, as well as everyone at Rimowa, Club Monaco, Robert Graham, Rayban and Sushi Roku for the spectacular day!

Visit The Forum Shops at: 3500 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109


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