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Set a Table, But make it Fashion

Guys, Hard to believe... but the holiday season is in full effect! With Halloween in our rear view mirror, now we have to focus on what's next, and let's be is always included . So, Naturally I wanted to bring you some beautiful table setting ideas. I'm a huge believer that if you make a statement with a beautiful table, than the meal will be just as memorable.

I also love adding a personal touch when setting a table for an event, So I went on the hunt at

Neiman Marcus inside Fashion Show, and came up with 3 different settings, along with a couple of DIYS in order to personalize your table. I'm excited for all the beautiful decor that comes along with the holidays, if you've never stopped in at Fashion Show during the holidays, you're missing out...It looks so festive, and definitely worth the trip. Please leave me a comment and tell me if you have any quirky or cool holiday traditions! I'd love to know!!

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