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PB Thrifting Tips

Hola! Thanks for making it all the way here and checking out this post, I have been thinking about writing this post for awhile, but I'm the type of girl that won't, until I feel like I really know what I'm talking about...LOL.

Found this Gem At the Goodwill for 99 cents, I tailored it to fit better!

It's no secret, I'm an avid Thrifter. I am a fan of the deal, and the treasure hunting thrill is definitely my thing. I think the most asked question I get is " How do you find so much stuff at the thrift store?" So I thought I'd share a few of my tips,

1. Patience...Good things come to those who wait, I think this is the #1 reason why most of you send me messages saying you can't find anything, you have to be patient, carve out plenty of time to really shop, and be patient, don't give up after looking through 1 or 2 aisles, which leads me to the next tip....

2. Look Through EVERY aisle, mens, womens, and sometimes even kids, all sizes too...especially the ends of the racks and if going through an entire store gives you anxiety, Thrifting is NOT for you, because if I had a dollar for every time I found a treasure hidden somewhere in the store where it didn't belong, I'd be loaded! Tons of people walk through and change their mind about purchasing, and guess what? they leave it at the end of any rack. Trust me on this one.

3. Ask for store sale days, This is tricky...I love going on sale days for the thrill of finding those $1, $2 or 50% off items...BUT, Sale days are way harder to find good things. So honestly, until you become more seasoned in the thrifting dept. I'd go on non-sale days, there are less people and more items on the racks; which means less factors that will discourage you from ever going back again.

4. Plan it out... If you are look for something in particular, like a top for a certain skirt then take a pic of the item you're trying to match, once you get shopping you see so many patterns and colors, it's easy to forget what you went to look for in the first place!

5. Have fun! It's the worst idea to go in a bad mood, or in no mood to shop...I know this seems like a no brainer, But I've attempted to shop this way before, and I ended up leaving either empty handed or with items I never should've purchased.

That's pretty much it, no real secret, just a few of my tips ...just good ole' patience and persistence! Also, Savers gives you a 20% off coupon when you donate your unwanted items, So don't forget to place a bag in your car for the next trip you make to savers! My fave TS in vegas are: Savers, Salvation Army and Goodwill, But there are also tons of others that are worth the visit: Desert industries, Dinosaurs and roses, American League Thriftstore, Faith Lutheran Thrift Store

I'd love it if you could comment below any tips you may have when it comes to thrifting! Happy Treasure hunting!!

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