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Home Trends at Fashion Show

Home is where the heart is, and for most of us it's where we feel ourselves the most. I grew up with a grandmother that had chachkies everywhere, I mean every room in the house had some sort of trinket and/or tool laying around. So needless to say I get a twinkle in my eye when I see beautiful Housewares, especially in the kitchen...Since I love to cook! This past week, I was able to cruise through the carefully curated vignettes inside Sur La Table within Fashion Show and I wanted everything! From the Marble and wooden cutting boards, beautiful metal silverware, to the special Dry rub seasonings exclusive to Sur La Table, and the Twill dish towel selection...I was in Heaven.

Everyday twill kitchen towels are a favorite

Silverware Central

Here's what's hot, because of back to school, all the mini dorm appliances are in high demand. But seriously, look at how cute they are, they have a mini toaster oven, a mini Waffle bowl maker, a mini rice cooker and a mini egg maker, Best part? These start at only $19 and if you have littles at home, they have some really cute food molds available for their meals.

Mini Waffle bowl Maker

Mini Toaster oven

Mini Rice cooker

I think my favorite things to buy for my home are pretty dishes and bowls, I like to serve food in something pretty, so they definitely have you covered when it comes to to clean white dishware or wooden and marble bowls or platters.

dishes, ramekins and bowls

Marble cutting boards

Beautiful dishware, you have my heart.

The other section I love to check out is the Specialty food section, Sur La Table carries those hard to find food items and spices, such as saffron, specialty Dry rubs, paella kits and tons of make at home dessert options! This is also a great section to get themed gift ideas, for example everything you need for a pizza night or movies and specialty popcorn.

exclusive SLT Pizza sauces and paella kits

See anything you'd like to make?

Pass the popcorn please.

pizza Lovers rejoice

Coffee anything is huge, from the typical coffee machines, to the big dog espresso units, they have it all! But one of the things Sur la Table is excited about is offering the delicious illy coffee capsules now compatible for the Nespresso machine! I actually brought home the illy K-cups for Juan and he's Obsessed....I think I'm gonna regret it.

But first...Coffee.

Take your pick.

Finally, I wanted to also throw out some Sur la Table gems you should know. They have a knife sharpening service, the first one is free and after that any additional sharpening is only $5. They also have tons of new items hitting the shelves for fall, from Pumpkin dessert mixes, to beautiful fall cookware. I'm excited to come back in and check out the new collections!

Once again thank you for catching up with me and my Fashion Show adventures, I really hope you check out Sur la Table soon, Let me know what your favorite house ware dept. is below! I'd love to know.

Visit Sur La Table located within the Fashion Show

3200 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109

-This post was created in partnership with Fashion Show-

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