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Halloween DIY Gifts

As long as I can remember I've always been a gift giver, especially gifts that I can personalize or somehow make a bit more special. I really wanted to create a post about cute gifts you can find at Fashion Show and somehow give it a personal touch with some simple DIY steps.

Happy Halloween

Since Halloween is quickly approaching, and we all tend to either get invited to parties or throw them, I figured I'd come up with cute and easy gift ideas all from Fashion Show, and all pertaining to Halloween, So here are 4 different gift ideas....all I did was make them a little more personable with things I had at home, I really hope you like them...Please leave a comment below if you like my DIY posts!


Perfect for: Friends, co-workers, teachers gifts.

Need: Vampire Bath & Body Halloween minis, Sur La Table large glass mason Jar, bloody gel clings, craft spider webs.

Steps: This one is super easy! when I bought the minis, I mentioned to the employee that it was for a gift and asked for a plastic cello bag and ribbon, they gladly gave me some for free! I put all 3 minis inside the bag and added the ribbon tied in a bow. Next, to keep with the Vampire theme, I purchased some bloody window clings, from any grocery Halloween section, I added them to the inside of a large mason jar I purchased from Sur La Table, and finally inserted the bag of minis in the jar, some candy from Lollie & Pops and toy fangs from Kappa Toys, finish it off with a cute tag if you wish and Voilà.

Bath & Body Works

Bath & Body Works Minis

Bloody Window clings

Bloody Bath & Body Works Jar


Perfect for: A hostess gift, an October Housewarming gift.

Need: Bottle of your fave wine from ABC Stores, an 18'' square and a 10" X 3" spare piece of any plain white fabric, a piece of black felt, hot glue and a Halloween

"Here for the Boos" kitchen spatula from Papyrus.

Steps: First you want to tie the longer spare piece of fabric on the top of the wine bottle, into a knot...trying to create the head of the ghost. Next, you want to drape the 18" square of fabric over the entire wine bottle, now that the ghost has taken shape, cut out 2 eyes and a wavy mouth shape from the black felt....glue in place with your glue gun as well as gluing the spatula cross the front of your ghost, just enough to hold in place...That's it!

Tie the smaller piece of fabric to the neck of the bottle in a knot

Kitchen Spatula from Papyrus

Drape the fabric square over the bottle

Add the face with felt

with a hot glue gun glue the spatula to the front of the ghost


Perfect for: Mom, BFF or Even a Birthday gift.

Need: Small Bowl and black cat dish sponge from Anthropologie, black cat bath bomb from Lush and white peppercorn soap from Sur La Table, ribbon from Papyrus and black craft fake roses, spider webs and clear cello wrap.

Steps: Start by placing the bowl on a piece of spider web, add the soap, sponge and bath bomb in the bowl, nestle in some faux flower buds in the empty spaces, wrap with the webs, and finally some clear cello paper, gather the top and add a bow with ribbon and/or tag.

small Kitchen bowl from Anthropologie

Sur La Table White peppercorn soap, Lush Bath Bomb, Anthro Sponge & bowl


Perfect for: Party favors, Kids, teen friends and pretty much everyone!

Need: Plastic fangs, plastic witch fingers from Kappa Toys, Twix candy, Halloween candy and Pocky Stick candy from Lolli & Pops, Store bought Carmel apples, edible eyes, plastic treat bags, black felt, hot glue gun, green and white ribbons and orange glitter gift wrap paper and from Papyrus.


Creepy candy fingers: cut the Twix bars creating a point, insert the plastic witch fingers, I added 4 fingers in a clear cello treat bag and closed with a bow.

Pocky pumpkin boxes: wrap the candy boxes with the orange glitter gift wrap, using either mailing tape or hot glue to secure paper, cut out pumpkin eyes, and mouth pieces from felt, cut some pieces of green ribbon for the stem, Glue in place.

How cute are these?

Hungry Vampire Apples: cut out a piece of the store bought apple, in order to insert the plastic fangs, cover the hole with canned icing, and fangs. Add bulk Halloween candy inside the crevice of the mouth, the icing will act like glue. I found some edible eyes in the Halloween baking section, and I added them to the top of the apples, finally place them in clear treat bags and tie with can add cute Halloween tags and personalize them using them as place cards or give them as party favors! ( free printable tags below).

I hope you let your creativity unleash, and next time you going shopping at Fashion Show, don't forget you can always add a personal touch to any gift. Please leave me a comment below, tell me which is your fave DIY from above or if you like to buy it made....I will be sending the bloody jar and Klean black Kat gifts to 2 lucky winners that comment! giveaway ends 10/16.

No matter what Holiday you're celebrating you can find great gifts within

Fashion Show 3200 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109

-This post was created in partnership with Fashion Show-

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