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Beauty Day At Fashion Show

What do you call a place where you can shop for the latest fashion trends while getting a mini Japanese facial? A Dream, that's what. Fashion Show is obviously known for amazing food and shopping, but there are so many other services offered at Fashion Show.

I was able to walk through and in a sense test out to see if you can actually have a Beauty day at Fashion Show, the answer is absolutely. Check out some of the spots now available for a pampering experience located within Fashion Show

We've all seen those images or videos of the foot spas where the fish seem to be eating the dead skin off of the persons feet, well...Garra Spa is that place right here on our back yard, and essentially the fish aren't eating your dead skin, the vibration of their lips take off the dead skin and that skin then gets disposed in a triple filtered system, honestly...I won't get too technical, But the sensation was that of tiny bubbles at your feet, it truly is a unique experience that you must try! Head into Garra Spa for this super cool treat.

So Many Beauty Services are offered within Dillards, and all of them are free,

no purchase necessary! Check out what they offer every single day.

Find Your Signature Scent - FREE fragrance sampling of ANY fragrance carried at that store.  The sample is a really nice size and its a spray - not the "usual" vial on card. 

Foundation Matching - Visit any Beauty Counter and let the Dillard's Beauty Experts find your your exact match.  Plus, take home FREE 10-day supply of foundation.  Estee Lauder offers the iMatch Digital Shade finder to find her perfect shade in just three clicks. 

Pick. Play. Pout.  - Pick a lip color.  Try any Matte, glossy, metallic or lustre textures.

Makeovers - Available at any Beauty Counter - in this case I would recommend scheduling an appointment. 

Custom Skincare Analysis - A Beauty Expert can customize a skincare regime based on what your skin concerns are.  Fine lines, Acne, Dullness, etc.  Drawings of products used/suggested are available for free. They carry cool, trendy new brands like Anastasia Beverly Hills in EDGE Beauty. They are also launching lots of beauty CBD products which are a very much in demand right now!  

I had an amazing time with Marilyn at the Shiseido Counter, she gave me the best Japanese style facial, with and amazing foundation matching session at the end! I would definitely try to schedule ahead, especially if you have a GNO planned, a date night or special event!



After facial glow

No cuts, no color, just blowouts! Maybe you need to get your hair styled before a GNO, or a Date night? Then this is the spot for you.

So let's recap: you can get a facial, a foot spa service, a make over and a hair blow out on the same day, all at the same place that you buy your outfit.....I don't know about you, but this sounds like a dream to me. Which service would you try first? I'd love to know!

Visit any of these amazing pamper spots located within the Fashion Show

3200 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109

-This post was created in partnership with Fashion Show-

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