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Exuviance takes masks to a whole new lev

A picture is worth a thousand words, and My Journey is filled with Lots of beautiful ones...


I am a Sin city Born & Raised Native, Proud wife of a Vegas Based Realtor and mama to a

Special needs Son, I grew up with a huge Mexican Family that taught me how to cook, and DIY everything! I love everything about my culture, "Si, Hablo Español" and I am an avid Thrift Shopper/re-seller

The hubs and I had Fashion Boutique Brick and mortar stores for 10 yrs. But when the E-Commerce market exploded, we shifted gears. Fast- Forward to the present day, he Is in Real Estate and I resell Thriftfinds on Social media, and I Blog. I am doing what I love most at the present moment, shopping, re-selling and Bringing my audience my personal opinions and experiences about all things Beauty, Fashion, Cooking and my Lifestyle. Sincity is my fabulous Backdrop, and I want to bring you along for the ride.